• STALLEX, more than just a dealer in construction machinery

    STALLEX is a family-owned company founded by Laust Andersen shortly after World War II.
    While Laust Andersen concentrated on tractors and agricultural machines, his son Peter Andersen had a greater interest in contractors equipment – and it is in this industry, that we today are known over large parts of the globe.

    The third generation of the family is Piet Andersen – the son of Peter Andersen – is currently in the management. Everyday life in the company takes place in our domicile in Tønder, which provides optimal conditions for sales and administration as well as for workshop and rental department, which is a significant part of the quality of us. The expansion back in the year 2000, we have laid the foundation continued growth in existing and new markets well into the new millennium.

  • Fields of Activity

    The firm has a staff of 24, with over 23,000 m2 of storage space for new and used contractors’ machinery, equipment and accessories.  Over the years Stallex has built up a fund of expertise in its field and is one of the leading firms in this sector. Its activities are in four main categories; Sale,…


    We specialize in buying and selling second-hand contractors’ supplies in the widest sense of the term, as well as importing and acting as sole agent for the leading special machines. We have over 400 machines permanently in stock. Customers come here from all over the world, confident they will always be able to find a…


    Top Quality second-hand contractors’ supplies are above all a matter of confidence. With customers all over the world, Stallex invests large sums in ensuring top quality at all levels. This applies to the quality of the products Stallex offers for sale, and thus stakes its name on.