• STALLEX, we ensure that you are always moving.

    We offer you repair agreements with different coverage levels, exclusively tailored for your specific requirements. We also offer agreements of fixed prices of repair work, so you can avoid unexpected costs, and achieve a better financial planning and control.

    Our combined maintenance- and repair agreements is the ideal solution for a machine owner with high expectations to the machine’s performance. Our well-trailed staff can handle your machine efficiently according to their professional skills and proactive approach. To maximize the lifetime of your machine a problem is better detected sooner than later, so let our highly skilled staff check your machine, in order to optimize the lifetime of your machine!

    We have our workshop in Tønder, and every day our service cars drive the roads as “mobile workshops”. You will always meet highly motivated, well-trained and highly-qualified specialists who will help you.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

    Call us at all hours on (+45) 74723232. Our service engineer will help you at all hours. Work ourside normal working hours will be invoiced.

    Lifetime service

    Give your hard-working machine the servicing, it deserves. Our experienced staff brings your equipment back to its high performance, so you can relive the quality of your...

    Always be driven

    Our expertise covers all areas of repair of all kinds of contractor equipment, and we offer you, among other things, that you can borrow a machine while...

  • Our service engineer says

    At STALLEX we take fully care of your machine at all levels during its entire lifetime. We have highly expertise in our entire portfolio of products and equipment, and we run a modern workshops with special tools and spare parts for any type of machine. Each machine is tested before it leaves our workshop to…

    How do I require a service engineer for my machine?

    Please contact us on (+45) 74 72 32 32, and we are available 24 hours a day. We service and repair all kind of machines all over Denmark at all hours a day. So give us a call or send us an email, and you get one of our experienced mechanics out to you today.